Dear Megan, what's your favorite thing to do as a couple?

This Sunday will be one year since Shane asked me to marry him. And yes, since I am extremely sentimental, I will forever celebrate all of our anniversaries. We got engaged up at Twin Lakes, which is one of our favorite spots we've been together. About a month ago, we were up in Buena Vista for the weekend with friends and took some time to stop by Twin Lakes to snap a few photos (for our Christmas card.) Shane decided it was the perfect time to reenact our proposal, obviously. He's so funny.😂 As you can see, Aspen was not phased in the least.

When I was thinking about this question, I kept landing on one broad answer -- our favorite thing is being together. 

Shane and I really love being together. Sure, we go out and do our own things (or have introvert time at home) because that's good and healthy for us, and we've had to figure out how that works best each week, but we do really enjoy being together. Not only are we husband and wife, but we are best friends. And I think that's important -- being friends with your spouse. You're with them for the rest of your days -- it's helpful to like them.😉

I can't say that we have just one favorite thing we do together -- there are so many to chose from. 

We love adventuring in the beautiful outdoors, in our favorite spots and finding new hidden places with breathtaking views. We love the fresh air and exercise that does all the good things for both of us mentally and physically. We also just love the chance to slow down in a sense when we are outside, away from work and life's daily tasks. I feel like walks and hikes are the times we get to have some of our best conversations. 

We love hanging out together with our friends. Whether it's for a game night or brunch or a weekend trip to the mountains, we are grateful for the shared experiences and memories created. I'm an introvert and Shane's an extrovert, so the amount of time we each want to be around people varies, but we are finding our rhythm when it comes to making plans with others every week.

We love being at home. Shane loves it when I watch football games with him -- it's a passion of his (Go Vikings!) and he feels loved that I take interest in it. We wear our jerseys, I make football foods, and we sit on the couch whooping and hollering and clapping our hands (and sometimes one of us gets grumpy and feels sad for our team when they can't get their act together.) I love it when Shane watches shows or movies with me that I enjoy (or that we both enjoy.) We just started watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ and are loving it! We are also taking time once a week to discuss a book together that is helping us learn more about each other and grow together.

I'm honestly super grateful that my husband and I have so many things we enjoy doing together, and that we have so many things in common. Those things and our friendship have really helped us start building a solid foundation for our marriage and our future.


All photos by Eliza Fultz.