Photography brings me so much joy. Capturing life brings me life. And getting to take photos of peoples' lives is something that gives my heart all the warm fuzzies. I don't typically do family photos, but my dear friend Abby is having a BABY, so I told her we needed to document this stage of her life because becoming a mama is such an amazing thing (or so I've heard.) Plus, I don't get nearly as nervous taking photos of people when they are my close friends.😊 

I've been itching to try out my new camera, so I scheduled a time with Abby and Joe and met up with them at Ute Valley Park. Fun fact: they also had their wedding photos taken there, so we all thought that it was really special to make memories for this new season in the same place!

Abby and Joe were great while I made them hop back and forth from location to location as the sun moved lower across the sky. Colorado's golden hour gave us the coziest warmth to go with Abby's already perfect pregnancy glow. She is such an adorable preggo lady, and I cannot wait to meet her sweet little one in just a few months!