You guys! I think this is the last of my wedding day posts. Sad face. But who knows -- maybe I'll surprise myself (and you) with more when I think of a creative excuse to share more wedding photos.😉 It's been so fun sharing our big day with you, so thanks for reading along. 

Our wedding reception was held in the same venue as the ceremony. In case you don't remember, we had an unexpected blizzard on our wedding day, so we kind of had to have all of our wedding celebrations inside. But our venue turned out to be perfect for that! 

We set up all of the tables Hogwarts style in order to fit as many people as we possibly could, so the majority of our guests sat at the tables for the ceremony and family and close family friends sat in the couple of rows of chairs that were set up in the front. Once the ceremony ended, our team of friends cleared the chairs in front to make room for the dance floor and the head table.

Shane and I don't believe you need to spend obnoxious amounts of money or go into debt for your wedding day. So for dinner, we went with a delicious but budget-friendly BBQ that I think everyone enjoyed. I've always heard the bride and groom never have time to actually eat at their wedding, but we made time for it and were able to sit and enjoy a full meal before moving around the room and chatting with our guests. It was the best!

We also did not care at all about spending money on a fancy wedding cake, so we picked up three cakes from Costco for $15 each (yes, you read that right) and they probably tasted better than any wedding cake I've ever had.

Our best guys and gals and my dad gave wonderful speeches that filled up our hearts and were something we loved so much about our wedding day. Once dinner was eaten and speeches were wrapped up, we wandered around the room saying hi to as many people as we could, but I know we missed so many. We joined in on the dancing towards the end and hugged friends and family and said our "see you laters" as the reception started to wrap up.

Leading up to our wedding, people kept asking what we were looking forward to the most, and our answer was always "leaving the reception." Haha! We absolutely loved our wedding day and soaked it all in, but at the end of the day, after a few months of planning and the stress that comes with it, we were so pumped to be heading off on a week-long beach vacation by ourselves. Can anyone else relate?😊

Looking back at our wedding day now ten months later, it still gives me the warm fuzzies. It was such a fun day filled with frozen fingers, (thanks, blizzard) family and friends, and hope for the future. I'm really so happy with the decisions we made for our big day and the priorities we set as we weren't just planning for a day, but for a lifetime.