Happy first anniversary, husband! Remember when we got married during a blizzard? So glad we bought all those umbrellas for the "chance of rain" we were supposed to have that day.😂 They came in handy. Looking back to a year ago, I remember how much I didn't care about the blizzard or the frigid cold or that I seriously couldn't feel a thing. I just wanted to get to you. You are my favorite human, the one who speaks truth into my life, the one who helps me be more adventurous, the one who helps keep me healthy and sane, the one who comforts me and keeps me safe, the one who makes me laugh the hardest, the one who is my best friend.

The wild and beautiful thing about marriage is that you vow and promise some very big things on your wedding day, and then you set off on a lifelong journey of learning how to do those things and keep those promises with the help of your Savior and your spouse. One of the greatest things about marriage is getting to go on that lifelong journey with your greatest friend.

This last year is full of so much learning, growing, forgiving and loving. Oh, and so much laughter. We've become a better team and our friendship has grown even stronger. We've gone on lots of fun adventures, our favorite thing to do together. From beach trips to lake trips to summer camping to fall camping to Disneyworld magic to roadtrips to exploring our city and so much more -- you are my best adventure buddy. Let's never stop exploring.

God answered my years of countless prayers with you, and I'll never forget how grateful I am to have you. You are my greatest gift and most wonderful blessing. I'm the luckiest. 

I love you, Shane Klackner. And I would marry you in a blizzard any day.