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.feelin' the love.

I spent my afternoon working on crafts and valentine's day cards.
Best way to spend a rainy afternoon! ::in my opinion::
That plus good music and movies with my yellow fluffy blanket.
::which i lovingly call 'big bird'::
Oh and naps are good too.

Gifts are one of my love languages.
I LOVE giving gifts.
::in this case letters...a small kind of gift :)
I especially love making gifts.
It's so much more fun.
You get to add the recipient's personality into it as well as a swirl of your own.

I don't think I've ever been this excited for valentine's day.
Some of my cards are already in envelopes, addressed, and ready to go.

I suppose since most of my friends no longer live here, I feel the need to let them know how much they are loved and missed.  Especially on valentine's day!
Everyone should feel the love on valentine's day.

Can't wait to show you all the cards!
There are lots of hearts.
Lots and lots o' love.

Stay tuned for more valentine's themed posts.
I'm embracing the holiday this year.
So get ready.

Love y'all.