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.just one of {those} days.

After talking about my weekend with the {bffls},
I began throwing a pity party for myself. 
Dwelling on the fact that none of my best friends lived here anymore.
Completely wallowing in my own sorrow.
I don't recommend this.
It's depressing.

I had to get out of the house, so I went to Target.
My happy place.
And then to Old Navy.
So I'm in the dressing room, and {bethany} calls and says she's in town.
I about jumped for joy.
Seems that we both needed some hang out time with a friend yesterday.
And starbucks.  We always need starbucks.
Thanks bethany for making my day.
I love spending time with you.


I got to skype with {this} pretty girl.
The last time I saw her was 6 years ago in Colorado.
SIX years ago??  How did I get this old?
It was lovely getting to see her face.
And I get to see her in person on May 18th!
No I'm not counting down.  
Why do you ask?
I cannot wait to serve with her at camp this summer.
Many adventures will be had.
And I'm excited for our friendship to grow.
Love you, beth.
Elizabeth said...

girl ♥ i just love you. thanks :)