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.{You} are hope.

tonight i sat in the middle of a frozen yogurt shop
and cried with my core group girls.
there is so much pain, confusion, hurt and doubt in this world.
this is such a crucial time in their lives as they are molded 
into the young women God wants them to be.
struggling with what to believe.
is God really enough?
they hear so many different things in college.
so many different perspectives.
what is right?
it's moments like tonight that i will remember.
these beautiful young women letting down their guard.
tearing down the walls.
being real.
we all need the reminder that God is {everything}
He is constant.
He's not changing no matter someone else's opinion of Him.
He is there with you {always}
He is the light when darkness closes in.

to my girls,
in this hurt.  through this pain.
stand strong. stand side by side.
encourage one another.
your God is greater & stronger than all else on this earth.
run into His arms.
the riches of His love will always be enough for you.

i love you.
abbey brown said...

love this :)

Elizabeth said...

you are beautiful ♥
i cannot wait to talk {and cry} with you.
this is my favorite song btw!
i love you