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totes mis.

y'all. have you seen les miserables yet? no?? take a half day and go see it now. for reals. i saw it with my bestie a couple weeks ago and was simply left breathless. partly because i couldn't stop crying. and mostly because it was so incredible. the story of redemption woven throughout just gets me. every time.

i remember seeing the play for the first time when i was a little girl. my parents took my brother and me, and although i don't remember everything from that evening, i will never forget the relentless grace i saw extended to jean valjean by the priest. that picture has never left my memory. an example of the steadfast love and grace jesus has given to me.

so i make it through the movie without completely losing it until this song began. and then i lost it. i turned into a major weeper in a completely packed theater. i am not ashamed. i think about our homecoming in heaven frequently and this scene and song paints that longing for home in such a beautiful way.

even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again.
they will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.

okay. go now! take some kleenex.

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Megan Klackner said...

i can't help it. we love the same things!! :)

Unknown said...

Love your blog, Meg! So nice to "meet" you :)
I was a Tennessee girl myself for a while...went to Lee University in Cleveland. Love me some TN :)
(Also--totally saw Les Mis last church I've been to in a long time!)