i don't know you from adam. | THE KLACKNERS


i don't know you from adam.

i love ellen.
and i love it when she sends her writer to sing to complete strangers.
how she holds it together, i don't know.
the cute old man at the end is my fave.
you're welcome, monday.


that is too funny! lol

Amy said...

"he's so cute"...he was so cute!
I wouldn't be able to do that, for serious, i would have laughed and laughed and laughed all the way through.
I will now be leery of people speaking song lyrics to me, i'm paranoid i am being filmed.

Kiki said...

Ellen and everything on her show is hilarious! Oddly enough, I was just watching clips from her Youtube channel earlier this morning.

And I totally agree, how do these people do it without cracking up? :)