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funny mondays.

i'm pretty sure if for some odd reason i ever made it onto the ellen show, i would pee my pants.
that woman is hilarious.
and contagious laughter is the best.

you're welcome, monday.

Allison said...

I just love Ellen...and Gladys is hilarious! Haha.

Breanna said...

"Honey, I'll be honest: I love Jesus, but I drink a little." Oh my gosh - dying laughing!!

Amy said...

Ellen is hilarious, i'm so sad i can't watch her shows (except on youtube) since i don't have cable!

Cheek.HM said...

I think this has been my favorite "You're welcome Monday" post!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Anna said...

i loooveeeee ellen!! She is absolutely hilarious and always brightens my day :) thanks for this awesome monday pick me up!

Laura Darling said...

I am crying. This is hilarious!!