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weekend update.

- back porch sitting. reading a good book in the 75 degree weather. summer, get here soon
- getting free starbucks TWICE. it's the southern accent…
- taking time to write letters to friends. i've missed that.
- puppy watching. we have two dogs and i love them both. one is 10 and the other is just over a year old. it's so funny to watch the younger pup because she's still so attentive to things the older pup is totally over. things like birds chirping and the sound of squirrels hopping around in the woods behind our house. she still has that childlike wonder :)
- starting this book club. thanks to everyone who linked up! can't wait to hear your thoughts again next week.


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- all of my besties live in different cities and states than me. i'm really good at the long distance thing…
- sometimes, when my brother decides to use an endearing term, he calls me "munch" for munchkin. i don't hate it.
- starbucks water is probs my favorite water to drink. it tastes so clean. but what do i know?
Unknown said...

I know, I'm obsessed with Starbucks water, too! Must be the cute cups :) Love your heart necklace--way cute

Amy said...

My brother has one of those hammocks, he LOVES it! :)
Girl, writing letters is where it is AT seriously, hand written letters are the best! and that souther accent probably helps with free sbux drinks, but you're pretty fly so that might be a good reason too! :)

Elizabeth said...

that blue tardis one!!! you do not get the half of it yet!!!! I just watched that episode and cried TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, were the free drinks from boys?!?!?