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etsy crushes NO. 2 // and an announcement

i have a very fun and exciting announcement, everybody! amy over at taking steps home has asked me to co-host an etsy swap! what's an etsy swap, you ask? come back next tuesday for all the details.

that's august 20th.

you don't want to miss it!

but while you wait, here are my current etsy crushes. you can see my last round of crushes here.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

one of my favorite etsy shops these days is milk+crown. you have got to check it out.  i just ordered #7 in my etsy crushes from her shop and i cannot wait until it arrives in my mailbox!! kristyn is trying to make 30 sales in 30 days for her #30in30jewelry project. $10 of every sale through september 1st goes toward the mocha club's clean water project. in order to reach her goal of 30, kristyn needs your help. so tell your wives, tell your kids, tell you husbands, because we're trying to get some clean water up in here. seriously, this is a project worth taking part in, and i highly suggest you do.

BONUS: any order placed in august will receive 15% off any purchase by using the code "MARVELOUSCARA"

// what are you crushing on? //

Amy said...

that clutch.
And the first stacked rings *swoon* I WANT.
I <3 the necklace you ordered, super stylish!
And those stacked necklaces...i love them but they never work for me, they get all tangled and messy within two days haha.

YAY SWAP TIME! hollllaaa

Kiki said...

Those mugs are adorable! And so are those stacking rings and necklaces, and well, everything you included in this post. :)

I can't wait to hear more about the etsy swap you and Amy are hosting!!