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my best friend's wedding.

a year ago today, i stood by my best friend as she married the man she loves.
she glowed. i cried.
is it weird to say my best friend's wedding day was one of the best days of my life?
because it was.

i got to play maid of honor and give a speech where i stood with hands and voice shaking as i attempted to tell a funny story about the three of us in high school. we were awesome, by the way. never awkward or nerdy... don't believe any of the stories you hear.

i've known those two crazy kids since we met at camp when i was 16 years old, and wasn't the least bit surprised when years later beth messaged me one day to say that bruce had asked to date her. we went on to work that summer at camp together. so i got to watch as their relationship grew while we tried to remain sane and take care of 40 high school students for three months in the mountains of colorado. ten months later, i was walking out of a movie with a friend when i saw i had a text from beth and a picture of THE RING. i squealed, cried, and immediately called her to leave a squealing/crying voicemail. fast forward three months, and i found myself standing in front of a barn with some of my favorite people and watching my best friend walk down the isle. her wedding was full of laughter, happy tears, joy and Jesus. it was a precious day to be a part of.

b & b, it is a privilege to call you my friends. i am so glad Jesus brought y'all into my life all those summers ago, and that he brought the two of you together at his own perfect pace. i am blessed by you and by your love for Jesus. keep loving the Lord and, in turn, showing his love to one another.

happy 1st anniversary, friends!!

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Elizabeth said...

Love you!xoxo

Amy said...

I love this! :)
They seem like such a sweet couple and i love hearing about your friendship! :)