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adventures in colorado // the broadmoor hotel

as some of you know, last week i was in colorado springs for a business trip. the tradeshow i was attending took place at the broadmoor hotel, which meant i got to stay there. score. y'all, this place is so fancy. fun fact: it's the only 5 star hotel in colorado springs.  the broadmoor is an old classic (it first opened in 1918) and has so much history, which i love!

so my coworker, liz, and i got checked in and went to drop bags off in our rooms. i walked into my room and immediately started laughing because of how ridiculously spacious it was. i thought the front desk had mistakenly given me a suite, but no, the standard rooms are just massive. i walked around my room saying, "i think this is downton abbey." my theory was confirmed when i came back from dinner later that night. some of the lights i had left on were turned off, bathrobes and chocolate were laid out on the beds, and the sheets had been turned down. WHAT. also, i had a down comforter, down pillows, and a down mattress on top of my regular mattress. a ton of down. DOWNTON. it all makes sense.

one of the best parts about this trip? colorado springs is where my best friend lives, so beth came over to spend the night. you are never too old for slumber parties according to this girl and you can't pass up a free night at the broadmoor!

Amy said...

oh. my. GOSH!
are you kidding me? that room is like the size of a football field! ;)
seriously though-gorgeous and there is a freaking tv in the bathroom. and they turned down your DOWN SHEETS?!
I want to go to there. ha.