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thursday's letters.

i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers.
// anne of green gables // 
happy thursday, friends! this week i finally came to the conclusion that i should make a facebook page for the blog. so if you'd like to follow along for updates and such, would you go like it for me? thank ya, kindly.
dear october, how are you here already?? don't get me wrong, i'm happy to see you, but this year is flying, and this month has already filled up so quickly. i just want to slow down and soak in this season. afterall, it is my favorite.
dear core group, i CANNOT wait for our autumn themed craft night next week!! hobby lobby won't know what hit it.
dear campfires, get ready for some smores roastin'. it's that time of year, ya know.
dear blogger friends, you are the best. seriously. when i started this little blog of mine, i had no idea the friends i would make and the community i would find. internet friends are real, y'all. thank you for encouraging me in blog life and real life. i appreciate you!
Amy said...

+ I think I was the second to "like" the page - behind beth - dang beth and her fast facebook skills ;)
+ fall craft night?! LOVE this idea - seriously, so cute!
+ awww blog world loves you too! :)
+ I know what you mean - my month is already filling up too - how is this happening?!

Unknown said...

I am absolutely in love with a.) craft night! What?! I need to get one of those going in my Life Group. B.) Campfires... waiting for thanksgiving in Fresno for that one.

Yelle said...

i agree - this year is totally flying by. and an autumn themed craft night? sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh now you make me want to look up nearby campsites so I can have some smores! ^_^

Elizabeth said...

i like you!