This post is sponsored by Stanely-PMI but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

LOCATION: St. Mary's Falls
DETAILS: Stanley Switchback Mug | Stanley Classic Vacuum Thermos | Custom Chacos | JCrew Flannel | GAP Flannel

This is my second autumn in Colorado, and let me tell you, it has been very different from my first. Not only has it been weirdly hot in Colorado, but life looks much different this year than it did twelve months ago. I'm more settled into this state, my friendships have reached a deeper and more meaningful level, and I've grown and changed.

But there are some things I hope will never change: Exploring in the mountains with my best friend. Wearing all the cozy flannels. Drinking out of all the Stanley Brand mugs.

Last year around this time, Beth and I needed some best friend time to get away, talk about us, manage expectations in the midst of a lot of changes, and just share what was on our hearts. So we took a drive up into the mountains to see the changing leaves. We laughed and cried and came out of that afternoon with a better understanding of one another.

This year, we grabbed our drinks of choice (hot cocoa and tea: peppermint editions), tossed our sturdy Stanley gear into my backpack and headed for the mountains. It was the perfect day to get out and hike, even though we maybe hiked a few miles more than I had originally anticipated. ;) I love being in the outdoors during this season. The air is crisp like cider, the forests of evergreens transport me to Narnia, hiking by the water reminds me of all the backpacking trips I took while growing up, and the sound of crunching leaves under my feet fills my heart with all the autumn joy.

And Stanley Brand is forever my go-to sidekick for bringing on all of my outdoor adventures to keep my drinks hot or cold (whatever I'm feeling that day.)