READING | Okay, I'm not reading it yet, but I'm wanting to pre-order "Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage." I love the enneagram and the way it can help you grow spiritually. And this book sounds incredible!

DRINKING | Lots of root beer. We don't usually keep much soda in our house, but we recently inherited a bit of root beer, and I'm not complaining. It's my favorite. Already sad about it being gone soon. HA!

WISHING | Our puppy would chill out. Ha! The poor girl has been having some bad separation anxiety. In the last week, she's decided she should destroy anything in her kennel when we leave her to go to work. That means her bed and multiple towels have met a slow, ragged death. 😂So I'm doing some research to see how we can help her out a little.

WATCHING | ALL THE FOOTBALL. I've mentioned before that my husband is from Minnesota and has a lot of pride in where he's from. He's also a die-hard Vikings fan. So much so that I make sure all of the games are on our calendar so that we don't miss one -- or if we're going to miss it, we make sure we record it. It's serious business, y'all. I got my first Vikings jersey this year and proudly wore it on Sunday for the first time during the game. We're also going to Minnesota for a game in October!! Go Vikes!

CELEBRATING | The fact that our basement is ALMOST done. We are working on texturing the walls and painting this week! Then we just have to get flooring in there before we can start to make the space usable. So exciting!

ANTICIPATING | My world turning golden. The aspens, you guys! They are starting to turn yellow up in the mountains and we have plans for a camping trip in Crested Butte in a couple of weeks to soak up my most favorite season in all the land.

What's on your list currently?