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Hagerman Pass

At the end of the summer, we headed to the mountains for our annual camping trip with friends. In previous years, the boys had taken their mountain bikes up Hagerman Pass and ridden them back down to the campground, but this year the girls tagged along to hike. Let's be honest, I would actually die if I tried to mountain bike, so I stick to my feet being on the ground at all times.😂

Summer is a very busy season for us with work. I had dreams of getting out to the mountains several times during the summer, but because of various circumstances, we weren't able to. So this trip was just what I had been needing -- time outside, fresh air, wildflower meadows, breathtaking mountain views.

The more I've learned about myself and what I need to feel refreshed, the more I realize that time in the outdoors does that for me best. The outdoors are inspiring. The views are fresh and inviting. The water calms my soul. The sun literally strengthens my body. The breeze lifts my spirits. The outdoors are completely life-giving to me.

Our afternoon hiking Hagerman Pass was all of those things for me -- it refreshed my heart and was a great way to close out the summer season.

What do you love about the outdoors?