My Cozy List

Dear Megan, what are things that you find soothing?

SOOTHING (adj.) 
Having a gently calming effect. Reducing pain or discomfort.

I am one of those people that values comfort and coziness most of all in life. I'm a 9 on the Enneagram and really hate conflict. I desire peace and one of my top five strengths is harmony. So you can imagine that over the years in the midst of a hectic and stressful life, I've found the things that tend to calm and soothe me most. I got an email from Eddie Bauer the other day with the tagline of "Comfort Becomes You" and I've never agreed with something more.😂 So when I was thinking about this question, I realized I could categorize the things that soothe me within the five senses. Some of these might seem like a stretch for their category, but this is my blog, and I do what I want.😉

Various essential oils -- I would definitely not say I'm an essential oils fanatic (I still very much believe in modern medicine when needed) but I have found aromatherapy to be a very helpful thing for sleeping and for my anxiety. I keep peppermint oil with me all the time to smell to help with headaches and nausea and car sickness. I use lavender a lot in our room to help with sleep. And I love making blends in our diffuser that smell like cider and Christmas trees.

Freshly fallen snow -- This one is more about the stillness of the world when snow is falling. It's such a beautiful (lack of) sound to me.

Waves crashing on the beach -- The ocean might be the number one sound that can soothe me more quickly than anything else. The steady ebb and flow will put even my most anxious mind at ease.

Laughter -- this one would have to be specific to certain people's laughs. Not everyone's laugh is soothing HAHA. I'm a loud laugher, so I'm sure mine is not. But I think the laughter of the people you really love can be such a calming thing because it's so familiar.

Wind in the trees -- I think it's so cool how Jesus made all parts of nature have it's own unique sound and song that it sings. And I love the sound of a gentle breeze rustling leaves.

Running water -- especially like a babbling brook or flowing river.

Music -- I love the way some music can make me feel so deeply. There are certain types of music that I will throw on when I'm anxious (usually worship music) or just want to feel comforted.

The outdoors -- this covers it all. Nature soothes my soul like no other. Especially when mountain backdrops are in the picture.

Warm drinks -- Hot cocoa, cider, lattes, or sleepy time tea.

Warm hugs -- These probably deserve a category of their own because of how wonderful they are. Apparently, you need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance, and twelve hugs a day for growth. Hugs are proven to make us feel happier, to help our heart health, to keep illness away, and to reduce fear and anxiety! Go get/give your hugs, people.

Baggy sweaters and pullovers -- This is basically my entire closet, and I end up wearing the same few items over and over and over again because it's what I feel comfortable in, and like I said before, I value comfort over cuteness, but I do love when both come hand in hand. HA.

Soft blankets -- I feel like this is the most cliche girl answer, but it's true! I freaking love blankets, but they have to be soft, and I've always loved blankets that felt heavy on me. I think I should invest in a weighted blanket, but I haven't yet.

What are some things you find comforting?