Glass Essential Oil Diffuser
This is a knock-off of the $300 Young Living diffuser, which in my opinion, is way too much money. Ha! I don't own this one, but I'm eyeing it because it's so pretty! I use my diffusers at home all the time to make my home smell yummy and feel cozy. A diffuser is perfect for all lovers of cozy!

Holiday Sweets Essential Oil Blend Set
All of my essential oils are from Plant Therapy and I feel like their prices are more reasonable than other companies, and their oils are just as good. This Holiday blend set is making me all heart eyes for days, and I'm thinking about adding it to my cart! All of these blends would put even the worst scrooge at ease and in the Christmas spirit.

Hearth and Hand Farmhouse Kitchen Cups
Who doesn't love a cute mug with affirming words written on it? Just imagine wrapping your cold hands around a warm cup of hot cocoa and settling in for your traditional viewing of White Christmas.

The Road Back to You
If you're a lover of cozy, I know you enjoy a good book. And you probably like reading books that help you know yourself better. This one is a great introduction to the Enneagram, and would make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer this year!

Winter Pine Candle
Y'all, this company, Light Provisions, is a local shop here in Colorado Springs, and I just recently received some candles from them. I cannot stop lighting the Winter Pine candle, and I'm afraid it's going to be gone before Christmas. Oops! It's perfect for our house because we don't have a real tree, but if you light this baby up, your whole house will smell as if you do.😍

Oversized Down Throw
Blankets, blankets, blankets. That's all we cozy-lovers want, okay? I own one of these throws from Eddie Bauer, and it's my absolute favorite. I sleep with it, and I take it on road trips. I feel like it's the perfect weight (any blanket lovers will know what I mean.) AND this is very important to note: I've washed it multiple times and it has not lost its softness.

Patagonia Diamond Capra Hoodie
Nothing screams cozy more than a nice fleece pullover. I have quite a few hanging in my closet, and I wear all of them. This Capra hoodie looks amazing, right?? The perfect cozy item for wearing around the house, running errands, out adventuring

Faux Succulent
Listen, cozy lovers, some of us like real plants and some of us can't keep real plants alive, so we like fake plants. As much as I would LOVE to have more real plants in my house, I can't because I accidentally kill them all. So a simple faux plant does the trick for me.

Sillycow Hot Chocolate Mix
A perfect pair for your cute mugs! Also, how can you not love hot cocoa mix that comes in a milk jar?? It's so cute!

Minnetonka Moccasins
I was gifted a pair of mocs last year for Christmas by my sister-in-law and they have been one of the greatest gifts. I wear them all the time at home and they keep my eternally cold feet nice and cozy. I only wish I could wear them out in public!