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american idol.

remember when i said this girl was my fave?
well, she is still in my top 3.
i've added janelle and kree.
janelle brings that old country sound that is really missing these days.
and i could honestly listen to kree sing just about anything. she sings so effortlessly.
at first i was super disappointed that there really aren't any good guys on the show this year. well, except for burnell. i like him…mostly because he reminds me of steve urkell. am i right??
i got over my disappointment in the guys because, well, it's a girl's year to win. it's been a while!
here are my fave performances so far of my top 3.

are you watching this season?
what are your thoughts?
Amy said...

I'll have to watch the other two girl's videos tonight (can't at work, boooo). But Angie, she is awesome! One of my friends is best friends with her...haha small world right?
I wish i had cable so i could watch this, dang it allllll

Breanna said...

These three girls are the saving graces of this season. If they weren't on it, I definitely would not be watching. I loved Angie's performance of Never Gone & I really liked Janelle's performance when she made it into the top 10 (even though it wasn't judged).

Angela said...

Angie is my favorite!! She is so great. I think Kree and Janelle are good, but not my faves. :) Burnell is totally Urkel. I told my husband that the first time I saw him! He is my favorite boy by far.

Elizabeth said...

Angie is my favorite. she better win because i don't really like anyone else.... lol.